Professor Hooker joins ACS Chemical Neuroscience as an Associate Editor


Welcome to Cambridge!

Novartis reboots brain division

After years in the doldrums, research into neurological disorders is about to undergo a major change of direction.


A sad goodbye to the Brookhaven Logo

Some of you who have visited our site in the past may realize that the Brookhaven National Lab logo is gone.  My appointment as an Associate Scientist at BNL has ended not because of a lack of funding or scientific progress, but because of program changes at the Department of Energy that over the past five years have dismantled Joanna Fowler's imaging program.  Work in the BNL portfolio no longer includes neuroscience; instead, PET scanners designed for humans are being used to study plants.  I wish those at BNL in the new field the best of success, but I am still left scratching my head as to how policy decisions in government can gut a national resource.  There are few programs in all of science that have produced the knowledge that has come from BNL neuroimaging per dollar of funding.  Nonetheless, science and government policy are intertwined and to be successful you have to adapt.  

Fortunately, many of my excellent colleagues have landed on their feet (both within BNL and at other institutions) and I can look forward to continued collaborative work together.  So at this point I say goodbye to BNL after over 6 years, but not to my friends who work there! 


We are excited to have our new collaboration with Josh Buckholtz finally up and running

Two subjects scanned and counting... 



A quick glance at MR-PET production!

Shirley put together this summary, which captures just how quickly we're growing.  This is in large part due to the production & imaging team of Grae, Shirley, Nathan, Ehimen, and now Judit.  Obviously, Steve and Chris played a major role in the 2012 growth spurt too.