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Descience Runway 2014: This Friday at MIT!

A member of the Hooker Lab, Al Schroeder, is taking part in Descience Runway 2014. This is a new  program that allows fashion designers and scientists to come together and construct wearable pieces that convey themes and concepts of science to viewers in a new and exciting way. Al is partnered with Natalya Nyn, who is a fashion designer from New York. They have made initial sketches of a dress based on FDG-PET imaging in the rat. These sketches will be on display at the MIT Museum this Friday (04/25) as part of the Cambridge Science Festival. Check out the sketches designed by Al and Natalya as well as what the other 59 teams participating in the first year of Descience Runway have created! 


When: this Friday night (4/25), 6-9pm
Where: The MIT Museum
Cost: FREE!

Learn more about the program and those involved:


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