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One Summer Intern's First Week Experience!

I've never done a blog post before so I'll start with introducing myself. My name is William Taylor and I am a senior Biology major with a minor in Chemistry at Jackson State University in Jackson, MS. I am excited to be here in Boston working with the Hooker Research Group. When I first arrived to the lab I was rushed with feelings of nervousness and anxiousness that comes with any new experience. However, once I began meeting everyone in the lab all of those feelings quickly vanished. Coming from the "Hospitality State" I expected everyone in Boston to be mean and rude, which is a common stereotype of people up north where I come from. However, this was not the case. Everyone in the lab was extremely friendly and welcomed me with open arms. This made me feel welcome and I knew that my experience here would be a positive one. The first day was a little rough because there was a lot of new information thrown at me all at once, which was mentally overwhelming at times, but I learned a lot and was excited to start on my project. I work with Emily and she's an awesome person and an even more awesome teacher that really makes me think outside of the box about everything we do in the lab. She's teaching me how to think like a true independent scientist and I love it.

Since I have only been here for one week I have not gotten to see much of Boston, but I am excited to get out and explore all that it has to offer. I am living in Jamaica Plain for the summer and I love the area and the culture there. Overall, I'm excited to be here, and I will be sure to keep everyone updated on my progress and experiences here this summer.