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New Hope for Careers in Science

Check out http://sciencemag.org/careers for interesting articles and links to material covering all stages of careers in science. 

There are interesting blogs and articles as well as links to additional articles and publications on topics including the challenges of being a PhD student and the utility of pursuing a postdoc. You will also find content offering insight into a career as a staff scientist, promotion, mentoring, and work life balance as well as discussion of timely issues such as gender differences and diversity in science.

A recently posted Q&A with Stanford Professor and Nobel laureate Michael Levitt discussed his study in PNAS regarding funding trends of the National Institutes of Health (NIH). The study draws attention to the fact that over a 32 year period there has been a decrease in the number of younger (<46 years) basic science principal investigators and the need for NIH to become more pro-active in the context of increasing funding for younger researchers [1]. The good news is that given policies first implemented in 2008 addressing funding issues experienced by new investigators, Levitt does foresee career possibilities opening up for younger scientists in the near future.  

See http://www.sciencemag.org/careers/2017/06/why-it-might-be-good-time-start-career-science





Levitt and Levitt. Future of fundamental discovery in US biomedical research. PNAS. June 20, 2017