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Board games and your brain!

While looking up some strategies for a deck-building game called Dominion I happened to stumble upon a report on a forum discussing the benefits of board games on the prevention of cognitive decline. There are studies that show having a healthy diet, engaging in physical activities, engaging in social interactions, and performing mentally stimulating activities aid in prevention. In “A functional MRI study of high-level cognition. I. The game of chess” researchers used fMRI to identify the regions in the brain stimulated from the formation of strategies for playing Chess and GO. It was found that Chess mostly utilizes the left hemisphere while GO mostly utilizes the right hemisphere. This shows that games where there are new strategies and skills to be learned are mentally stimulating to keep the brain active. Another benefit for preventing cognitive decline while playing board games is the social interaction that provides mental stimulation. So play some boards games to have fun and prevent cognitive decline!

Deck-building:          Strategic games:                  Cooperative against the board:

Dominion                  Settlers of Catan                  Pandemic

7 Wonders                 Puerto Rico                           Shadows Over Camelot

Munchkins                Ticket to Ride                        Forbidden Island/Forbidden Desert

Ascension                 Small World