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Happy Halloween!

To get into the Halloween spirit this weekend, my roommates and I carved pumpkins. We had a lot of fun as we carefully cut out our designs, while trying to preserve our fingers! However as you know, before you get to the fun of carving there is a lot of prep work to be done. Our pumpkins produced A LOT of pumpkin “guts”. We didn’t want to waste all of this, so we decided to roast the seeds. YUM, this definitely was a good decision!  I was curious as to the nutritional value of pumpkin seeds and I learned they are a great source of protein, fiber, zinc, etc. In fact, a research study was published this summer by XJ Zhao et al. suggesting pumpkin seed oil (PSO) can alleviate certain types of cellular damage caused by a high-fat diet in rats1. This study divided rats into three groups: 1) controls fed a normal diet (n=20), 2) a high-fat diet group (n=20), and 3) a high-fat diet group with PSO intervention (n=20). Liver tissue samples were examined by histology and quantitative real-time PCR. The PSO intervention group showed decreased accumulation of fat deposits in the liver, as compared to the high-fat diet group1. Further, the PSO intervention group displayed normalized expression patterns of genes involved in lipid metabolism and inflammation, as compared to the high-fat diet group1. While it is unknown whether these results will translate to humans, consider roasting pumpkins seeds as you celebrate Halloween this year!


1) Zhao et al. (2016) Intervention of pumpkin seed oil on metabolic disease revealed by metabonomics and transcript profile J. of Science of Food and Agriculture