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Everybody Makes Mistakes

Just when you thought you could beat cancer by staying healthy and maybe taking a wheatgrass shot here and there, science comes and tells you you’re wrong. A new study at Johns Hopkins found that DNA copying errors might cause some cases of cancer. These cancers occur more often than others and usually are prevalent most among patients that are relatively healthy. This study took a mathematical approach to how likely a cancer is to occur based on environmental factors, genes, or DNA replication errors. Cancer types that are most likely due to replication errors are colon, brain, bone, and pancreatic cancers. The more our cells divide, the greater the chance that errors will occur. This is problematic for a society that has an increasing lifespan. While this study does not say environmental factors are not detrimental, it does mean that many cancers are unavoidable if a healthy cell decides to be lazy during the replication process. Moral of the story: stop pretending like you enjoy wheatgrass shots and live a little. 



Source: https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2017/03/170323141403.htm

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